Welcome To Chaparral High School! Earth/Environmental and Global Science!

Hello, my name is Beth Graves and I am a proud member of the CHS Science Department and Chaparral Family.  I have been a licensed Secondary teacher for almost twenty years.  Here in the CHS Science labs we learn, think, and create with greatness together.  We even have fun in the process.  This fall will be my second full year teaching Earth and Environmental Science.  What I love most about this curriculum is how relevant it is to our daily lives,  It opens our minds to all that is around us and how we should embrace it. It is innovative and interactive and we learn to communicate our ideas with one another.    Global Science this year will primarily follow the Earth Science sequence but at a slower pace with variations of the labs. 

Courses:  Earth and Environmental Science & Global Science

Webpage:  brgraves@dcsdk12.org (this is the easiest way to reach me as I check this webpage numerous times daily.)                                                                                  If you would like to schedule an appt with me or arrange a help session please notify me via email or in person.   


  • 1st Period: Earth/Environmental Science, Room 203
  • 2nd Period: Global Science, Room 322
  • 3rd Period:  Global Science, Room 322
  • 4th Period: Earth/Environmental Science,  Room 322.
  • 5th Period: Plan Period:  Earth Science Office
  • 6th Period: Plan Period:  Earth Science Office
  • 7th Period: Free