Unit 1: Water (8/22 – 9/19)

Key:  Green:  Class Notes    Yellow: In class Work and Assignment     Red:  Homework               Turquoise:  Additional Notes

Water Power Point Notes

Week of 8/22 – 8/26                                                                                                                         Monday:  Water Inquiry Lab                                                                                               If absent, please complete at home and complete worksheet includingr post lab questions.  To complete post lab questions you must view Properties of Water notes                              Water Lab Instructions and Work Sheet   For Teacher demo, please see Mrs. Graves.

Tuesday:  Properties of water Notes  .Finish Post Lab Questions and turn in.

Wednesday/Thursday:    Begin Water Power Point  Fruitvale Lab.                                                                If absent, complete at home using data sheet provided.             

Friday:  Complete Fruitvale Post Questions. Water Footprint Activity.  Chart due Monday,  Questions due on Tuesday, 8/30.

Week of 8/29-9/2                                                                                                                Monday – Indirect/Direct Water Usage, Urban Water

Tuesday –  Parker Water Guest, Mr. Ron Redd
( Parker Water 1, Parker Water 2     review both, record 10 notes or questions)                                                                                  Water Footprint Due

Wednesday/Thursday –  Animas River Cause and Effect . (Article and questions).     Friday – Who Polluted the Platte? PSA 

Week of 9/6-9/9                                                                                                                        Tuesday –  Colorado Water, Water Pollution.                                                                Wednesday/Thursday PSA DUE!  Water Filter Lab,  Pollution notes,                                           If absent:  print  the following worksheet and see Mrs. Graves                                   for alternative instructions ,waterfiltrationlab2016                                                                Friday –  Marine Pollution, Drought. Hand Back papers. Study Tips,                               Unit-1-Test-Topics

Week of 9/12 – 9/16                                                                                                                Monday –  Return Papers,Kahoot Review,  HW: Study for Unit Test                                              Kahoot Review  – returned quiz and review

TuesdayUNIT 1 TEST

Wednesday9/14/Thursday9/15:  Assignment Feedback, Researched Water Issues, formed interest groups, and began final PSA Project.  PSA Instructional Slides  Video due Monday, 9/16.  If absent, please make video on your own. 

Friday, 9/16.  Work on PSA Project.  Due Monday!

Week of 9/19 – /22                                                                                                         Monday 9/19 PSA Video Presentations  (4th period  – returned quiz & reviewed)        Tuesday – 9/20  Finished Presentations,

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