Unit One: Water Resources

Key:  Green:  Class Notes    Yellow: In class Work and Assignment     Red:  Homework               Turquoise:  Additional Notes

Water Power Point Notes

August 23rd and 24th.   Water Properties Lab   This lab can be completed at home.                                                     Please complete on your own or do alternate                                                             article and questions.  (See Mrs. Graves.) .   

Friday, August 25th,  Notes on Water.  Water Lab Due

Monday, August 28th, Water definitions, Water Footprint  Activity Turned In. 

Tuesday, August 30th, Guest Speaker:  Parker Water Department
Parker Water 1, Parker Water 2 Presentation


Wed. 8/31 & Thurs. /1:  Waste Water Treatment Video, Groundwater notes,          Fruitvale Lab.  If abssent, Please use following data to complete                 Fruitvale -make-up-data.  If questions, see Mrs. Graves

Fri. 9/2:  Finish Fruitvale Post Lab Questions. Hand in Water Footprint if not already turned in.

Tues. 9/5: Table of Contents Check, Pollution Notes.  Fruitvale Lab Due!

Wed. 9/6 & Thurs. 9/7:  Who Polluted the Platte Activity and PSA Platte Poster.                  (If absent:  see Mrs. Graves)  Worksheet Due at End of Class.  Poster Due Friday.

Fri: 9/8:  Poster Due! 

Video: FLOW  (For the Love of Water.)  reaction notes Due Tuesday!

Week of 9/12 – 9/16                                                                                                      Monday – Returned assignments, discussed and placed in 3 ring binder.  Reviewed Water Properties. Quiz on Wed./Thurs.

Tuesday –  Water Property Demonstrations.  Notes on Surface Area.   Review for Friday’s Quiz

Wednesday/Thursday – Water Filtration Lab. (,waterfiltrationlab2016)      (Will finish conclusion in class tomorrow)  Quiz tomorrow!  Quiz Topics:  Graphing, Properties of water, The Water Cycle.

Friday  – Unit 1  quiz: Graphing, Water Cycle and Properties of Water

Week of 9/19 – 9/23                                                                                                      Monday – Finish Quiz, Finish Filtration lab post questions,                                                          Extra credit option:  Animas River Cause and Effect . (Article and                                questions)

Tuesday –  Water Notes, Water Testing Lab Prep (collecting samples.)

Wed./Thursday –  Unit 1 Study Guide Due 8/28-29.  See Mrs  G for Vocab form.                                     Water Testing Lab.  Handed in if complete.  If not, due Monday.


Week of 9/26-30  Unit Test this Friday – 9/30                                                              Monday – Turn in Water Sample Lab, work on Unit 1 study guide, Pollution Power point notes.                                                                                                                          Tuesday –   Return Quiz, Notebook Prep, Current Event, Extra Credit Option:  See Mrs Graves.                                                                                                                   Wed/Thurs. – Pollution Notes, Go over Quiz, Return papers,  Finish Pollution Notes.  Friday Unit Test.    NOTEBOOK CHECK, turn in Study Guide.

Week of 10/3 – 10/6                                                                                                                  Monday – Video FLOW  (For Love Of Water)   If present turn in three reactions and three solutions for points.

Parent/Teacher Conferences this Wednesday, Oct. 5  4:30-7:30.

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