Getting Organized: Science Basics (8/9 – 8/22)

Key:  Green:  Class Notes    Yellow: In class Work and Assignment     Red:  Homework               Turquoise:  Additional Resources

Global Science Syllabus

Safety and Expectations Quiz

Getting Organized

Week of August 8-12:  Class Expectations, Syllabus, Safety Test, Team Building

Monday, August 15,   Finish presentations  Worth 22 points  See Mrs. Graves if not complete.   

Tuesday August 16,  Presentations Due.

Wednesday and Thursday, August 17th & 18th.  Graphing Packet Assigned. 

Tuesday, August 22, Graphing Packet Due.

Wed. 8/23 and Thurs. 8/24:  Observations vs Inference Lesson                                                                                            Water Properties Lab   This lab can be completed at home.                                                     Please complete on your own or do alternate article and                                                         questions.  (See Mrs. Graves.) .