Unit 4 Energy 2/13 – 3/16

Key:  Green:  Class Notes    Yellow: In class Work and Assignment                                       Red:  Homework & Tests Turquoise: Additional Notes & Resources.

Nonrenewable Energy Sources Notes                                                                         Renewable Energy Resources

Week of 2/13 -17                                                                                                                            Monday:  Unit 2 notebook Check.  What is Energy.                                                                                Video:  Before the Flood:  See Mrs. Graves for alternative Assignment.  Video not available, online.                                                                                                             Tuesday – Finished Video:  Documentary,Before the Flood.  Finish Notebook Check.         Wed/Thurs. – Unit Reflection.   Energy Games,                                                                        Friday – No School.

Week of 2/20 – 24.                                                                                                                           Monday – No School … Presidents Day!                                                                                 Tuesday –  Return Unit 3 Tests and Correct.                                                                           Wed/Thurs. – Energy Resource Lab – Search and Collect.  Pre-lab and Activity                    Friday.  Energy Resource Lab,  Graphing and Questions.  Due End of Class.

Week of 2/27 – 3/3                                                                                                                         Mon. –  Fossil Fuels.  Began Advantage Disadvantages Chart                                               Collected first category (petroleum)  for points                                                 Tuesday – Natural Gas & Coal.                                                                                   Wed./Thurs – Wind Turbine Lab.  See Mrs. Graves for Alternative                                Instructions if absent.    Quiz Next Week                                                                     Friday –  Complete Turbine Lab.

Week of 3/6 – 3/10                                                                                                                        Monday – Quiz Review, Nuclear Fission   Fossil Fuel Quiz Tomorrow!                         Tuesday –  Renewable Energy Resources Research.                                                                      QUIZ moved to tomorrow.                                                Wed/Thursday – Quiz. Nuclear Fission. Begin Renewable Energy Resources            Friday – Continue Renewable Energy Resources Sharing.

Week of 3/13 – 3/17                                                                                                            Monday – Review Wind Turbine Lab & Quiz.  Continue Renewable Resources         Tuesday –  Complete Renewable Resources Notes                                                     Wed/Thursday –  Renewable Energy Plan Debate.

Happy Spring Break!

Week of 3/27 – 3/31                                                                                                         Monday – Debate Wrap Up and  Paragraph Assessment.                              Instructions:                                                                                                                During this unit we actively studied 11 types  of Energy Resources.  (4 Nonrenewable and 7 Renewable.)  This was accomplished  through individual research, class sharing, the unit powerpoint, viewing a documentary, and conducting a debate.                                                                                               Taking into consideration each of the Energy Resources discussed in class answer the following question in paragraph form.                                                                      If you were appointed as the Department of Energy director for the United States, which combination of energy resources would you recommend be used to successfully meet the energy Needs of America for the next 50 years. Explain in detail why you chose each resource and why in that combination.                  (You may use your notes or any other resource.) Your answer should reflect what you have learned in this unit.  You may use whatever combination of resources that makes sense to you. Be sure to include energy needed to cover transportation, heating, and electricity.                                                                                                Tuesday   Energy Resource Computer Simulation.  Due Friday.                 Wed/Thurs.   New Unit.  Please go to new Page.  Unit 5 Our Dynamic Earth.